A fresh take
on fruit exports

About us

Kingfisher Fruits is the brainchild of a team of passionate export professionals who cut their teeth in the South African citrus export industry and dreamed of a better way of doing business.

Today, we leverage knowledge and relationships built over 20+ years in the industry to provide a modern, collaborative export experience designed to unlock value at every step of the process.

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The Kingfisher


Kingfisher Fruits was founded with the intention of moving an age-old industry into the future through a responsive, adaptable and forward-focussed business model that benefits all stakeholders – not just the investor. As such, we believe very strongly in a culture of continuous, collaborative business improvement, not only in our own operations, but with every step of the farm-to-market journey.

Long-term relationship-building, driven by commercial business realities, is a core part of this process. We cherish the personal interactions we have with each and every one of our likeminded producers, service providers and customers. We’re also fully aware of the value of technology as a supporting player, and all our operations are underpinned by cutting-edge tools and software that help us achieve the responsiveness and transparency we desire.

Together with our producers and service providers, we believe in protecting the natural environment and participating the social upliftment of the communities that contribute to our industry. We are proud to play a role in building a better, stronger, more sustainable South Africa for all.

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Why the


Kingfisher is far more than just a name to Kingfisher Fruits. This incredible bird is an inspiration for our entire business.

Named after the Malachite Kingfisher, whose natural habitat mirrors the main citrus-growing areas of South Africa, citrus has always been as close to our hearts as the kingfisher’s orange breast. However, just like the Malachite Kingfisher, which feeds on a variety of land and aquatic creatures, we don’t limit ourselves to specialisation in any one product. Rather, we continuously look for new opportunities, and pride ourselves on our ability to find a market for whatever the tree produces in this dynamic environment.

That doesn’t mean we’re not focused or anything less than quality obsessed. Our attention to detail is as precise as the kingfisher selecting only the best fish to take home to its young. Top-quality produce is the heart of our business, and we always ensure optimal process alignment to ensure the most efficient, cost-effective, safe and sustainable export of every carton.

Citrus regions Kingfisher habitats



Kingfisher Fruits is proud to have three registered brands.

We also encourage producers to put their own “stamp of approval” on cartons.
This co-branding helps us connect the producer and customer and instil a sense of pride and value in both.


Our flagship brand, reserved for our top-quality producers and customers.


Our alternative brand destined for all markets.


Our brand for international business.