Kingfisher Fruits works with a carefully selected group of business-oriented, trustworthy and top-quality producers who share our vision of a reliable, adaptable and mutually beneficial export industry supporting a better South Africa for all.

While our main export is citrus, we are always excited to bring new and different products to the marketplace and enjoy collaborating with our producers on fresh and modern concepts to tap into emerging opportunities. We have no exclusivity requirements – our personal commitment and values earn the trust and loyalty of our producers, and their commitment to growth, quality, visionary thinking and reliability earns ours in return.

We export throughout the Northern Hemisphere to a wide – and growing – network of customers and have long-standing relationships with trustworthy, efficient and cost-effective service providers. We leverage these relationships to ensure the carton of fruit entrusted to us gets from the farm to the customer as efficiently, safely and profitably as possible.

The Kingfisher


The produce planned, planted, nurtured and harvested by our producers is the beating heart of our entire industry. That’s why we believe producers should share in the success of the exports they participate in. We believe success is driven by collaboration and co-ownership, and aim to give our producers the ability to influence and participate in our achievements.

We also provide a fully transparent value chain and tech-enabled export experience to keep our producers up to date on all relevant market trends and export activities. This empowers us to make informed decisions as a collective, evolve with the changing markets, and get in on the ground floor of emerging opportunities.

We strongly believe that by supporting producers who share our values, we can all make a real difference to the agricultural landscape of our country. Together, we can grow the agricultural industry to become a more inclusive space, addressing unemployment, inequality and skills shortages to create a better South Africa for all.