Our customers

We understand that value is just as important for our customers as it is for our producers and service providers. Our goal is to provide this value through a combination of fair, balanced pricing, exceptional quality, unfailing reliability, transparent communication and future-focussed vision. Our growing base of loyal customers suggests we’re on the right track.

We export around the world, including the entire Northern Hemisphere, to a network of existing customers as well as new and emerging markets. Although our primary export product is citrus, we also collaborate with our producers on a variety other fruits and fresh produce. We’re happy to relay requests from customers for alternative products with high demand in their specific markets, and look forward to growing and adapting our exports to support our customers’ evolving needs.

The Kingfisher


Our extensive experience in the fresh fruit export industry has given us deep insights into the ebbs and flows of the business. This, combined with our small team and unusually responsive business model, enables us to react quickly and intuitively to opportunities and challenges that would paralyse old-school businesses.

We pair this flexibility with consistent, reliable and auditable documentation leveraging the latest technology to ensure full compliance and transparency at all times.

We’re also strong supporters of a collaborative relationship between producers, service providers and customers (we like to think of us all as family). We encourage across-the-board communication and facilitate full collaboration to get everyone operating at peak performance and united behind the same, innovative goals.